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Have you ever looked closely at your own eye? If you do, you will discover a fascinating galaxy of pattern and colour.

Your iris is completely unique to you. Even identical twins have different irises. Yours developed while you were in the womb, and is one of the few parts of your body that will stay the same throughout your life.

EYECONART® uses its own patented technology to capture an ultra-high resolution photograph of your eye. With specialist image editing software we isolate the iris and enhance its detail, then create a professional quality art print for you to keep.

We can pop up anywhere from events and press launches to festivals and private functions. We can also do individual commissions for those who want to give themselves or someone special a gift to remember.

No-one has just brown eyes or blue eyes. Each iris is made up of intricate shapes and hues, flecks of gold and green, even freckles!
— Jay Scott-Nicholls, EYECONART Founder

We offer a design service to create stunning bespoke art from your eye images. Here are a few ideas.