EYECONART is proud to support the work of Sightsavers 

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Sightsavers is a remarkable international non-governmental organisation whose vision is of a world where avoidable blindness has been eliminated, and people with visual impairments and other disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. We at EYECONART share this extraordinary vision.

Did you know that 36 million people worldwide are blind, but 75% of this blindness is preventable? Almost all of those affected live in developing countries and the tragedy is that most of these people didn’t have to go blind at all.

Sightsavers works in some of the poorest areas of the world on the root causes of avoidable blindness, such as lack of access to clean water. Their mission, with the help of local people, is to strengthen healthcare systems to ensure they’re able to support their communities for the long term.

Since 1950, donations to Sightsavers have enabled them to distribute 478 million treatments to protect against river blindness, provide 7.3 million sight-restoring cataract operations, and empower more than 225,000 people with disabilities to live independently.

See Sightsavers website for more information on their mission, where they work, how they’re run, and how you can help.